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About Us

Founded in 2012, with "promoting sustainable environment" as the company's goal, by a diverse team of eco-conscious professionals, EcoJeannie is dedicated to helping consumers purchase items that are not only good for themselves but also for nature.  Thus, our motto "Good For You, Good For nature".

At first glance, some of our products, for example lemon squeezer, may not appear to belong in eco-friendly category.  However, please keep in mind that lemon can be used to naturally control odors, sanitize, fight cold, etc.  Please spend some time to go through our products, and you will see our philosophy behind them.

Shopping with "protecting environment" in mind can make a big difference in many ways. In time, each individual's small steps toward environmentally responsible practices will  help everybody at every level be aware how important it is to eliminate waste and reduce the amount of toxic materials entering our body and ecosystem.

Our Promise

We promise to manufacture eco-friendly products with minimal environmental footprint.  We also promise to try our best to design and produce items that are carbon-neutral or carbon-negative in the long run. We promise to sell only goods that are "Good For you, Good For nature".